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This was the first title launched by Paragraph Publishing. Whisky Magazine first appeared in November 1998, celebrating the whiskies of the world, and is now published in French, Chinese, Japanese and Polish. The magazine publishes 8 times a year and has a digital edition with exclusive digital content. Distributed all around the world, Whisky Magazine is the best read magazine on this greatest of spirits.

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American Whiskey, brought to you by the publishers of international best-seller Whisky Magazine, celebrates whiskeys from around the USA and is devoted entirely to this great American spirit. American Whiskey covers news, features, cocktails, reviews and, of course, tastings of the very best whiskeys including winners from the World Whiskies Awards.

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Scotch Whisky is the new annual publication from the team behind Whisky Magazine. Scotch Whisky contains a selection of Whisky Magazine’s in-depth features and interviews from the year, with a catalogue of 100 new tasting reviews to help guide your next purchase.

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Bourbon Whiskey is the annual title celebrating great American whiskey and is brought to you by the publishers of American Whiskey. Bourbon Whiskey Annual is devoted entirely to the production, history and lifestyle of this great American spirit. Included are in-depth interviews, alongside news, blind tastings and features that get beneath the surface of this great liquid and the people who make it. Bourbon whiskey continues to develop as a style, and our readers will be kept in the know by the team of established and respected American whiskey writers who are experts in the field.

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Tequila Magazine is an annual publication dedicated to all things agave. Brought to you by the team behind American Whiskey Magazine, this magazine explores the increasingly popular world of Tequila and Mezcal, including distillery and brand focuses, interviews with distillers, and tastings of the latest new releases.


The annual publication for the Worshipful Company of Distillers published by Paragraph on behalf of the Livery


The world has fallen back in love with gin and we are embracing the renaissance with open arms. 25 years ago when we started Whisky Magazine, many asked if we would ever have enough to write about in a regular publication. With gin, there is so much to explore and following the launch of our latest title as a supplement to Whisky Magazine, we are inspired to produce an annual title to keep apace with the juniper world.


Rum is the annual title celebrating the world of rum globally. Rum is devoted entirely to the production, history and lifestyle of this diverse spirit. Included in this annual are the winners of the global World Rum Awards and the inaugural Icons of Rum Awards, alongside news, blind tastings and features that get beneath the surface of the drink and the people who make it.



Travelux is the new print and online publication focussing on the stories behind the world’s leading luxury wine and spirits producers. This new magazine is dedicated to educating readers about the very best drinks producers, luxury drinks-focussed travel and the products available in travel retail.


Our new guide celebrating Champagne and the sparkling wines of the world/

The definition of Effervescence is "giving of bubbles, fizzy" and "vivacious and enthusiastic" capturing all the elements of this wonderful drink and the emotions it conveys in just one word.


World's Best... is a new series of publications presented by the team behind the globally recognised World Drinks Awards. The next in the series is Volume 10, World's Best Beers, brought to you by the World Beer Awards and is a celebration of the finest brews available across the globe. With over 150 beers and tasting notes, brewery profiles and more, this really is the beer lover's ultimate guide to the prefect brew.

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The 2021 digital-only edition of our World's Best... series is brought to you by the World Drinks Awards and celebrates the finest spirits available worldwide. World's Best Spirits includes aroma wheels, food pairings, information on the finest spirits and distilleries, mixology, over 200 expert tasting notes, best bottle designs, Travel Retail exclusives, and much more. This really is the ultimate guide to your favourite tipples.

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Ted Bruning, leading beer author, guides you through all the practicalities of starting up your own microbrewery; everything from how to brew right through to finding a place of your own. This new edition has been updated by leading beer authority, Tim Hampson.

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From Gavin D. Smith, one of Scotland's leading drinks writers and contributing editor for Whisky Magazine, comes your essential guide to distilling your own spirits. Covering routes to market, potential product ranges, and start-up case studies, the second edition of this invaluable guide to distilling at home gives you everything you need to get stuck in.

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