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DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES & RATES website opportunities

Key Facts

  • target your consumers contextually to help new consumers discover your unique brands.
  • also targets your consumer geographically by area / location including by state, cities and towns across the USA.
  • Our digital marketing campaigns work in harmony with your current advertising making sure your audience is aware of your brand so they are far more likely to click your ad when it appears alongside competitors in search results.
  • Up to 70% of time spent online is outside of Search and Social Media, so to ensure your business stays front of mind Display is essential.
  • Digital marketing is available in many forms, from banners and mastheads, to engaging rich media formats with embedded video.
  • Your digital campaign will also include re-targeting, span apps, websites, mobile and desktop plus we can arrange dropped basket components if required
  • Our team at will select the right formats and targeting to meet your objectives.
  • Finally, we’ll ensure your advertising is always seen in a brand safe environment REACHING a minimum 200,000 people every month with full monthly reporting.

We have website content opportunities as well as high-impact branding or direct-response campaigns. We offer different display formats in prominent positions appearing across all pages reaching the following audience numbers:

200,000 consumers per calendar month
Cost: USD $4,200

300,000 consumers per calendar month
Cost: USD $5,135

500,000 consumers per calendar month
Cost: USD $7,085

Technical Requirements

Advert sizes for, plus a range of Desk top Ad and Mobile Ad formats will be advised and requested.

970 x 250px

MPU - Middle page unit
300 x 250px

728 x 90px

Half page
300 x 600px

Wide Skyscraper
160 x 600px

120 x 600px

Mobile banner
320 x 50px

  • Please supply web-ready artwork along with the URL destination information.
  • Please supply all artwork as JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Please keep all file sizes under 500kb

Social Media Posts

More than 80% percent of the population in the United States have a social networking profile and we recognise the importance of being active on the right social media channels connecting your brand with your consumers.

We will design, write and target your brand message on and post via our facebook, twitter and Instagram channels.

Cost: USD $POA

Additionally, we would recommend you sponsor each post for maximum exposure, and therefore we would require your target demographic and any additional budget you would like to put forward to sponsor the post.


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