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American Whiskey, brought to you by the publishers of international best-seller Whisky Magazine, celebrates whiskeys from the USA and is devoted entirely to the great American spirit.

American Whiskey will cover news, features, interviews, cocktails, food pairings and, of course, tastings of the latest whiskeys.

Exploring the lifestyle of American whiskey, American Whiskey will be written by world class drinks writers from across the States and published as both a print and digital edition. With topical social media and regular updates on, enthusiasts and industry alike will be able to celebrate this world-class spirit throughout the year.


“A niche publication like this gives us the opportunity to advertise in a targeted way, alongside content that’s specific to our work in the US”

“As a regular advertiser in Whisky Magazine, we now have another focused publication to promote our whiskey specifically to the US whiskey consumer”


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