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Published since 1998, Whisky Magazine and its website is devoted exclusively to whisky news, features, interviews and, of course, tasting reviews of all kinds of whiskies from around the world, regardless of style or price point.

To ensure Whisky Magazine targets the wider whisky audience, the team takes pride in providing a platform for whisky writers and brands from all producing nations as we strive to celebrate the whiskies of the world throughout the year in print, via our digital edition, online via our website and social media channels, and in person via our World Whiskies Awards, Icons of Whisky and Whisky Live events.


“Creating maximum awareness to both the whisky enthusiast and the wider consumer, promoting our brands in Whisky Magazine has complemented our generic campaigns”

"As targeting the US and Mainland Europe is key for consumers in these regions, Whisky Magazine plays a major part in our campaign delivering exactly to this audience”


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