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Why advertise?

  • Covering all whiskeys from around the USA, American Whiskey provides readers with market-leading content and insights.
  • Any single issue will cover a range of topics from tastings to distillery reviews, from behind the scenes perspectives to new and upcoming trends, all providing consumers with insight for their next purchase.
  • American Whiskey allows the advertiser to engage with a wide audience, reaching enthusiastic consumers and business professionals who want to know where to enjoy whiskey around the USA, distilleries to visit, where to buy and how to best enjoy their favoured brand.
  • American Whiskey is the authority for experts, executives and novices alike to always be “in the know” and will give the opportunity to create and expand brand awareness to the industry at all levels.

Key Facts

  • Published six times each year
  • Distributed across the USA and Canada through Barnes & Noble in 593 stores, 47 states and 482 cities and many other retailers
  • Additional special distribution specific to each edition
  • Further distribution through selected distilleries, hotels and bars


  • ABC 1
  • Dedicated audience of American whiskey enthusiasts
  • Reaching over 133,500 US readers
  • Audience of 97,946 across digital & social
  • Combined audience of over 230,000
  • Written for the consumer, read by the consumer and trade


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