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Bourbon Whiskey focuses exclusively on America’s native spirit, providing readers with an array of dedicated content from this exciting market. It will satisfy the intense interest of those consumers who love great American whiskeys, whether aficionados or new to the category, while also being the go-to title for the trade who import or retail Bourbon whiskey. Our combination of editorial excellence and experience, along with targeted audience, gives advertisers the opportunity to build significantly on their brand awareness at all levels and across the globe.

  • At least 50 tastings from Kentucky around the USA
  • Distillery tours
  • Food and Bourbon
  • Interviews and news from the world of Bourbon
  • Whiskey trails
  • The history of Bourbon
  • Where to buy your Bourbon whiskey
  • Bourbon whiskey heroes and heroines


  • ABC 1
  • American whiskey enthusiasts
  • Readership of 133,500

Key Facts

  • Published: August 22, 2023
  • Distributed across the USA and Canada through Barnes & Noble and many other retailers
  • Further distribution through selected distilleries, hotels and bars
  • Additional distribution of 5,000 copies to distillers, their visitor centers and specialist liquor stores, plus distributed at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2023


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