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The next edition of the biannual book, The Microdistillers’ Handbook publishes in Xxxxx 20xx, comprising essential information on how to start your own distillery.

Founded in 1998, Paragraph Publishing is an independent publisher specialising in the drinks, food and travel markets. Ten years ago saw the launch of The Microbrewers’ Handbook for the beer enthusiast. This followed the launch of Whisky Magazine, the World Drinks Awards and in 2017, Gin Magazine.

Key Facts

  • The author, Gavin D. Smith, is a renowned drinks writer specialising in whisky, publishing over 20 books including Whisky and Words
  • The Microdistillers’ Handbook promises to be the most comprehensive guide when starting your own microdistillery
  • This 196 page edition will include Case Studies from leading distillery owners and gives information on customs and excise, financing a distillery and routes to market
  • The handbook offers a comprehensive directory including services and suppliers, and every microbrewery in the UK with contact details, while offering specialist advice on design, promotion and marketing of your spirit
  • Initial print-run distributed throughout the UK with a digital edition/e-book available online


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