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27th November 2023
In honour of Whisky Magazine’s 25th anniversary, master blender Richard ‘The Nose’ Paterson undertook the blending of this special dram using vattings of more than 1,400 whiskies entered into the World Whiskies Awards 2023.

The final recipe contains a combined 15% bourbon, rye and peated single malt, 34% unpeated single malt, 17% blended whisky, and 4% blended grain to create a dependable after-dinner dram: rich and indulgent, with great texture and well-balanced sweetness.

Tasting Notes:

• Nose: Buttery and nutty up front, like peanut brittle. Orange and lemon peels, and freshly sliced Conference pear. Sherried dried fruits, creamy vanilla custard, and a hint of Black Forest gateau. Delicate clove and black pepper spice. Husky grain notes and a little molasses.

• Palate: Medium-full bodied. Rich espresso and a little dark chocolate. Medjool date, blackberry, and a hint of baked pear. Toasted tea cake, dulce de leche, and crushed hazelnuts. An earthy mushroom note, with clove, star anise, and cinnamon stick. Later, black tea with honey.

• Finish: Soft and long lasting. Savoury notes of oyster mushroom and black bean sauce lead, followed by black tea, chewy toffee, a little vanilla bean paste, and gentle woody spice.

This fifth edition of the Editor’s Blend series is limited to 350 bottles globally. There will be pourings of this exclusive whisky at Whisky Live 2024.

To purchase this exclusive Whisky, please click here.

Here’s to the next 25 years!
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