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09th November 2021
Six decades is an impressively long time to have been doing anything, and a milestone that is not achieved without dedication, scrupulous care, and passion. This year, The Glen Grant Distillery in Speyside honours its revered master distiller, Dennis Malcolm, who has reached his 60th year in the whisky industry, not just with the release of the oldest and rarest The Glen Grant whisky yet, but with the unveiling of a special documentary film telling the story of his life – made, we are delighted to announce, in collaboration with Whisky Magazine!

This is not the first time Malcolm’s achievements have been honoured. His careful craftsmanship and attention to detail distilling and creating The Glen Grant’s whiskies has received worldwide acclaim on numerous occasions, and he was inducted into the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame in 2014.

Excitingly, to celebrate Malcolm's important milestone, Whisky Magazine has partnered with The Glen Grant to release a full-length documentary film that tells the story of Malcolm’s life and his unique influence on Speyside. The first full-length film to be produced entirely by the team at Whisky Magazine, A Life in Whisky: The Dennis Malcolm Story is now available to view in full, free of charge, on the Whisky Magazine website.

We hope you will tune in and watch the fruits of this special collaboration, and learn more about the story behind an incredible life in whisky, perhaps while sipping your favourite dram – cheers!
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